The Need for Housing For Developmentally Disabled Individuals


The outlook in Florida is grim. There is a large need for housing for developmentally disabled individuals and the need continues to grow. As of June 2019, over 21 thousand individuals are on the waitlist to receive support and services from the Florida iBudget Medicaid Waiver. Those enrolled in the waiver receive services that allow them to have a safe place to live. Almost half of those on the waitlist are age 21 and over, many state-provided benefits are terminated when an individual reaches this age. Of those individuals living with their family caregivers, 33% are living with a caregiver that is at least 60 years old. Despite these looming figures, Florida ranks 49th in spending for intellectual and developmental disability services. Since 2007, Florida’s fiscal effort for services for developmentally disabled has decreased. The amount of individuals on the list needs to shrink, therefore housing needs to be provided for those that need it.

Despite the overwhelming odds, Noah’s Ark Communities is planning to begin making a positive difference. We are founded by family caregivers that want to make sure their loved one(s) will have a place to call home after they are gone. Our communities will provide a safe living environment for those with developmental disorders. The first location will be in Southwest Florida. Donate today to help us achieve our goals.

Statistics used in this article were obtained from Florida’s DD Waitlist Campaign, which is a program of the Florida Center for Inclusive Communities at University of South Florida.

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