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Empowering adults with disabilities, focusing on autism


Our mission is to provide a safe & residential living, learning, and work environment to individuals living with developmental disabilities, generally with a focus on the autistic spectrum disorder. We will develop residential villages nationally, serving about 120 individuals each. Noah’s Ark Communities, as a concept, takes its inspiration from Paul Newman’s “Hole in the Wall” charity that has helped us in many ways, from Gould Farm- a unique therapeutic farm in Massachusetts, and from Noah’s Ark of Central Florida. Residents of Noah’s Ark Communities typically will be age twenty-one and over because state-provided benefits are generally terminated when an individual reaches such age.

Noah’s Ark Communities raises awareness to the needs of the developmentally disabled, and creates opportunities for safe housing and employment with the support of full-time, salaried health care and other professionals to assist in the daily activities of its residents. These professionals will provide assistance with the unique health, social and other challenges facing individuals living with developmental disorders. Noah’s Ark Communities will affiliate its program with other similarly-motivated programs which provide facilities for individuals with special needs